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Welcome to the Needham B Broughton High School Class of 1981 website! This website is a permanent home on the web for our class.  We welcome everyone on the site and hope that you will create an account so that others can make contact with you. Your information will not be sold, leased, gifted, or otherwise given to anyone other than class of '81 members without your expressed opt-in approval.

We welcome friends from other classes and other schools to join our site as guests. We are a friendly bunch of people.



Visit to learn more, then buy or bring items from the food or clothing list.  Want to donate funds? You can do that at the event.  

High school is hard enough but imagine doing that if you are homeless or needy. The Pantry provides everything from deodorant, shaving cream and feminine hygiene to food to eat. To contribute, if you want to, just visit look at the Amazon lists! Then, buy or bring items from the food or clothing list. Want to donate funds? You can do that at the event. Thanks in advance!





Saturday Night, October 21, 7PM - 10PM, College Grill on Hillsborough Street




Class of '81 reunion, Saturday October 21, The College Grill, 7PM - 10PM


Class of '81 reunion, Saturday October 21, The College Grill, 7PM - 10PM


Broughton's 2023 Football Schedule



Time Warp to '80 - '81 events and people


Whether you rode in a packed car or walked en masse to overwhelm local eateries, we know you have stories to share! Tell all at the College Grill, just below Mitch’s, on Hillsborough Street. 


All night cram sessions? Check. Endless papers to write? Check. Squeaking in just under the wire with that final senior project? Check!  Tales of derring-do welcomed! Tales of derring-didn’t?  Very welcome!

See you at the College Grill. On Hillsborough St. (Below Mitch’s)



Cash Bar!  Mitch’s Munchies! Old Pals! New Stories!

Reunion Photo Fun


We’re older and wiser, but does Class of ’81 still have more fun? Find out Oct 21, 2023!  Dress up or dress down, admission is free! Full cash bar, apps from Mitch’s! Party like it 1981! 



Hello everyone,

The reunion committee has selected the weekend of October 21, 2023 for our Class of '81 42nd reunion.

Activities and locations are still being worked out. The reunion committee is being headed up by Henry Jarrett with assistance from Chrystal Bartlett, David Walser, Peter Pediaditakis, Chris Crew, and Bryan Bliss. The committee welcomes additional help if you would like to participate! Organizing these events are a big undertaking and require a lot of time and help to pull it all together. Please consider offering some assistance if you are so inclined.

You can contact Henry at "", or call or text at 919-606-5674. You can also contact me, Bill Ott, at "" or call or text at 919-398-2279 and I will help get you plugged into the activities.

If you have class friends that aren't subscribed to our website, please share the date information with them and encourage them to come to the site, "" and sign up so they receive all of the information directly that will be pushed out.

We will also be updating the class Facebook page at "" with the same information that comes out of our website email account.

Thank you and be on the lookout for more information soon!



Hi all, the next meeting of the 42nd reunion organizers of the Broughton class of ‘81 is at Mitch's on Hillsborough Street at 3pm on Saturday, April 1st. Henry Jarrett is heading up the reunion events with several others that have been assisting.

Henry can be contacted at, or call or text at 919-606-5674



Hello everyone,

I wanted to put out the word that movement has started on what will be our 42nd class reunion. Henry Jarrett will be coordinating the event and will gladly accept assistance. The current thoughts are an event no earlier than the summer of '23, but more likely a year from now, the fall of '23. A few of us that worked on the past reunions will be offering assistance to this endeavor as well.

Henry's contact information is on his Facebook page and he will have an email address through this website that will be operational within a day or two. Henry's email address will be ""

Hopefully, we are moving out of COVID worries by the anticipated union dates. Most of the input has been for casual, low or no-cost types of events with lots of room to move around and be able to visit with people. 

I know with fall events, we have to be aware of the college home football schedules, so that is one area that needs to be researched early.

I just wanted to get the wheels turning and people thinking. Huge thank you to Henry for undertaking the coordination of this event. There is a tremendous amount of work required to make these events happen.

I will keep the class Facebook page, the class website, and this class email list updated as things progress.

Thank you,

Bill Ott



Hello everyone,

There are a lot of people asking me about a 40th reunion. Here are my thoughts.

First, I don't hold any special rights as to who can organize a class event. Anyone wanting to organize a class event is welcome to do so and I'll gladly broadcast it through our website and email list.

I've watched with great interest what the NBHS and other school's classes of 1950,'51,1960,'61, 1970,'71, 1980,'81, 1990,'91, 2000,'01, and 2010,'10 have been doing reunion-wise with the COVID situation putting a cloud over everything. They had scheduled events for last year that were moved multiple times. The even-year classes slipped events to this year, and those have now been rescheduled or canceled. Some have things now planned for the fall and they are hoping that things will be safe enough and regulation-free. We shall see. I personally am not comfortable organizing an event just yet where there is still a significant risk of someone getting sick. 

That said, I've talked with a number of classmates and taken into account the COVID situation and the likelihood that numbers will increase in the fall and indoor gathering restrictions are likely to return, it just doesn't seem to be a workable idea to schedule a 40th reunion this year, unless it is something entirely outdoors. My thought and the feedback I've gotten from several classmates is to let's just wait a year and do a 41st reunion in the Fall of 2022. Hopefully, the COVID situation will be under better control into next year and we can plan without having to constantly worry about contingencies. 

In our survey about doing a reunion, the vast majority prefer doing a reunion in the fall. If we stick to that, we have a year to get ourselves organized for an event. The past two years, I honestly have not had the time to attempt to organize anything. A couple of classmates have indicated they would like to participate in the planning process along with those of us that put the 30th together. Anyone interested, please let me know and we will get you involved when we start to take action.

The health concerns, logistics, and finances involved with facilities and the possibility of having to slide dates just seem like too much risk. I think it will be a lot easier to wait a year.

That is where we are currently.

Thank you for reading,