World War II Deceased Classmates



     In preparation for Broughton’s 75th birthday, Bill Teague (’48) researched old records and found that thirty-seven alumni died while serving in the U.S. military during World War II.  The oldest was in the class of 1930 and the youngest was in the class of 1945.  All were men and two were brothers.  These soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, and merchant marines were stationed throughout the world.   Several won medals for gallantry.  Most were killed during combat actions, but one young man was killed in early 1946 when his plane was thought to have been shot down over a jungle island by Japanese who had refused to surrender.  Many were buried overseas though the remains of some were never located.  A plaque honoring these men was donated by RAdm. Edward U. Austin (’39) and hangs in the school’s main hall.


     An editorial printed in the November 1, 1945 Broughton Hi-Times acknowledged our debt to these young men with the following words:

          To these Broughton High School boys who have given their lives in the service of our country we pay tribute.  Their supreme sacrifice is an inspiration for us to face whatever may come our way--their courage, a guide to live by.  We must not fail them or the cause for which they died, now or in the future. 


Oliver Horton (’30)       Carl D. McLean (’40) 
 Harry E. Poole (’30)     John W. Perry (’40)
 John P. Cole (’31)       Owen F. Shearin (’40)
 Norrman Hicks (’32)              John Bodwell (’41)
 P. Paisley Brown (’33)     J. Horace Bradley (’41) 
 Henry Garlington (’33)       Walter Perry, Jr. (’41)       
 Thomas Philbrick (’33)    Alex T. Smith, Jr. (’41)
 Robert McInnes (’34)      Jesse R. Stancil (’41)     
 Charles Graham (’35)     John B. Hunter, Jr. (’42)  
 Leon Williams (’35)     Tommy James (’42) 
 Mettaver Davidson (’36)     LeVerne Jeffries (’42)
 Arthur E. Harris (’37)             Jake McLean (’42)
 McKinley L. Fuller, Jr. (’38)       Shelton Meade (’42)
 Everett Briggs (’39)      Charles W. Noell (’42)
 Edwin Graham (’39)           James B. Pearce (’42)
 Lawrence Holding (’39)      Joseph P. Harris (’43)
 Emil Hilker (’40)                                Jack Lancaster (’43)                  
 Graham Hobbs, Jr. (’40)    Bobby Crocker (’44)
 Edwin S. Seagroves (’45)